Lil' Ninjas 3-5 (45 Minutes)

Monthly Tuition = $76 (4 week month)  or $95(5 week month)



White Level (50 Minutes)

Monthly Tuition = $80 (4 week month)  or $100 (5 week month)


No Annual Registration Fee

Students are required to purchase a uniform-

t-shirt and headband, total cost is $25.


We offer a 25% Military Discount


Each class meets once a week and runs 45-50 minutes. Students are welcome to attend classes twice a week for an additional cost.

Tuition is processed monthly through an automatic withdrawal system that is linked to either a credit card, or checking account that is processed on the 5th of every month. This is a mandatory system that we follow. We do not process personal checks, or cash for monthly tuition. Tuition is based on however many weeks are in a month. Please note any time the gym is closed, tuition is prorated to reflect the missed day(\(\(\(s). 


In an effort to promote discipline and unity, Ninja Sport International requires uniforms for all Ninja classes.

What constitutes a "Ninja Uniform"?:

•Ninja Zone T-Shirt

•Ninja Headband

•Athletic Shorts of choice



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